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  • Duolab Explained

    See how Duolab can make a difference to your skin  
  • DIY Lip Scrub

    A really easy and quick lip scrub which not only softens the lips but plumps too! Follow me on Instagram: @justjenniferbeauty
  • DIY relaxing facial massage

    I am a skincare specialist and reflexologist. I wanted to share some easy tips for performing a relaxing facial massage at home. This massage will ...
  • How to use facial rollers and gua sha tools - Metro

        Click on the image to see the full article with my top tips for using facial tools
  • Harpers Bizzarre

    If you have ever dreamed of making your own skincare products that are personalised to your specific skin needs, a new innovative beauty gadget could well enable you to.

    Called Duolab, the device, from the company behind the French beauty brand L’Occitane, allows you to create your own targeted face cream, thus customising your beauty routine specifically to you.

    The technology is certainly impressive – it holds 23 patents and is the result of five years innovation (with competitors rumoured to be hot on its heels) – but what really caught our eye was its pre-launch trials.

  • Dealing with the Inner Voice Critic

    The Coronavirus has thrown the world into a new way of living and thinking. The emotional, physical, mental, economical and financial state has and...
  • An ongoing commitment to wellness

    An important concept to consider is that we all should be actively involved in maintaining our health. It is an ongoing process and we must always be increasing our commitment to it. 
  • Shocking ingredients in cosmetics & animal friendly alternatives

    Animal testing is not the only thing to look out for when buying vegan-friendly cosmetics and skincare products. You may think brands have to b...
  • Stress

    Stress related disorders have become increasingly common, and the wear and tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to a physical and/or mental...
  • Go natural challenge

    I challenge all my fabulous friends to the NATURAL DEODORANT challenge.So many ladies are diagnosed with breast cancer and it got me researching in...
  • Reflexology, what it is and why I love it!

    Reflexology is a popular therapy that uses specific areas on the feet to improve health and well-being.Points on the feet correspond with organs an...
  • My Spring Cleaning Tips and Natural, Toxin Free Cleaning Products

    Second week into the 'lockdown' and I'm trying to come up with things I can do that I don't usually have time for.   This week it's all about spri...