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Reflexology, what it is and why I love it!

Reflexology is a popular therapy that uses specific areas on the feet to improve health and well-being.

Points on the feet correspond with organs and systems of the body and pressure is applied to these areas so to benefit your health.

It enables you to let stress flow away rather than to let tensions accrue leading towards poor health. Many people speak favourably of reflexology for the treatment of stress, anxieties, digestion, IBS, respiratory problems, headaches, period pain, and menopausal symptoms and how it can help to restore equilibrium and help the healing process.

More and more people are turning towards holistic health alternatives, drawn by their desire for harmony between the mind, body and spirit. When you book a reflexology treatment with me, you will be seen as an individual who has a unique set of health issues and, will be treated as such.

Natural healing therapies are seen as a welcome change from modern medicine where many side-effects can be caused through prescribed medications giving everyone cause for concern.

What could be more beneficial than natural healing?

If you break a bone or if you have grazed your knee, or burnt a finger, the body’s natural healing processes begin immediately. These are automated responses and act as a machine that controls a variety of components so that your health remains constant. For health functions to occur smoothly, energy is required and to create energy, you need to gain nutrients from food. The processes of the body are complex and balance is required for the body to achieve optimal health. Energy has long been known to form the basic foundations of life. In fact, if you consider this on a cellular level, it is needed for survival.

In eastern origins, we talk of ‘prana’ which translates as ‘breath of life’ and also, ‘chi’ which translates as ‘life force’ or, ‘life energy’. Reflexology takes this into consideration.

The brain controls all of the body’s functions and, also provides conscious awareness of thoughts, also interpreting the information received from the sensory organs, discharging signals sending them to the nervous system, glands and muscles and it also coordinates voluntary movements. Although every person is different, we all need energy.

When there is a disruption in energy, ‘blockages’, it is understandable to consider that the body will not function as well. So reflexology works on energy pathways, helping to re-balance the flow of energy. This effectively re-harmonises the body making you feel much better in yourself.

All of the body’s systems interlock, they may work independently in terms of the functions but it only takes one area of the body to be working less than efficiently or to be ‘out of balance’ for this to lead to health disorders. Reflexology treatments work with the body and not against it, reflexology nurtures, preserves and boosts healing.

Reflexology works in a very natural and effective way and it is non-evasive. It can aid the transformation back to a tranquil and calm state. While the treatments are relaxing, it also helps with boosting immunity, and to promote positive energy, enabling all of those vital nutrients and oxygen to reach all of the cells in the body. I aim to create a smooth and consistent flow of vibratory energy throughout the body. This is done through touch, applying pressure to the various points on the feet and then energy travels up towards the spine, and then, onwards through to the organs, glands and cells.

In reflexology, by applying pressure, the aim is to promote health and well-being, to relieve pain, to clear blocked energy channels and to improve disorders.

Reflexology is a very powerful resource and so as a therapist, my role will be to aid healing, to promote well-being and to advise so you of how you can also improve your own healing responses by looking at lifestyle habits.